Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read the FAQ before contacting our support team. We are under heavy traffic and doing our best to give the best service.

1) Is it possible to pay with credit card?
Yes, we support credit card.
2) Is it possible to pay with wire transfer?
Yes, we support wire transfer.
3) Which cryptocurrencies are available?
As for now we support Bitcoin and Ethereum only.
4) How is exchange rate determined?
The rate is taken from Kraken market rate, in order to provide the most accurate buy/sell rates.
5) When is the exchange rate determined?
The rate is determined once we receive the money and handle the order.
6) What is the exchange fee?
The exchange fee for Credit card is 11% including VAT and 6% for Wire transfers including VAT.
7) Is it possible to receive the crypto right after the payment?
Not for now.
8) How long should I wait for the crypto arrives my wallet?
Up to 5 days.
9) Why does it take up to 5 days?
The market is in great straits, the banks are asking for details about each transfer. It takes time to withdraw the money from the stock exchanges.
10) Can I buy crypto without uploading my ID?
You must upload your verification documents in order to buy crypto.
11) Why should I sign the KYC (Know Your Customer) document?
The law requires a KYC document when buying a certain amount, we are strict and asking for KYC in every purchase.
12) Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order before we capture your payment. In order to do so, you must contact our support and cancel it before we deliver the product.