“Have you ever thought about cryptocurrency?” asked my friend Juhan. I had just complained to him a few moments earlier about getting to the point where I wanted to do something with my money other than just the old-fashioned stock trading.

Honestly, I had to admit that I hadn’t thought of this before. Maybe that makes me old-fashioned too? After all, it is being discussed as the future currency. I asked a friend to jog my memory. Just in case we’re on the same page. After otherwise

“Okay, I’ll give you a quick tutoring session,” he said. “As you can already understand from the name, cryptocurrency is digital money. Its advantages are that the entire system is decentralised and automated, and everything is as transparent as possible.» I interrupted: «But where is the hook here? Why do people buy crypto?»

“Good question,” answered Juhan. “One of the characteristics of cryptocurrency is the fact that it can be a little moody sometimes. There are all kinds of influencers in the market, and on top of that, the crypto world is extremely diverse. Today, there are hundreds of different “coins”.

To avoid confusing my head, a friend decided to focus on two major currencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. “Bitcoin is a popular choice,” he said. “This is the forefather of cyber currencies. Probably the best choice for you as a beginner.”

Juhan confirmed that Ethereum is not far behind. “It is a strong silver man right after Bitcoin.”

Domestic helpers

Okay, the basics are there, but how do you get started? “You don’t have to look far to get help. Everything is available right here in the homeland,” explained the friend. “I have used a platform like Bitnomics. I highly recommend it!”

I found out that it is a company that has been operating for two and a half years and has almost 17,000 customers. Most importantly, it is managed from Estonia and operates in Estonia. Consequently, it is also fully regulated.

“Estonian laws very precisely regulate companies operating on the crypto market,” explained Juhan. “This ensures a safe environment where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, especially for newcomers. So – the perfect option for you.”

As a bonus, he also pointed out that asking Bitnomics staff for help is super easy. Quick answers are waiting for people regardless of the channel – either use classic email or contact through various social media platforms. “Much safer than waiting behind me,” laughed Juhan.

“Of course, before you start, you have to open a digital wallet through which you can access your future cyber currency,” he added. “Bitnomics does not offer this particular service, but luckily there are plenty of tutorials on the internet that explain how to do it easily. The wallet becomes a means of identifying the owner, and each person can have as many as several cryptocurrency wallets.»

“Anyway – you are interested and have a good platform to use in the form of Bitnomics. What more could you want?” I nodded in agreement. It’s time to dive into the world of crypto.

If you also want to take the first steps in crypto, go and find out more on the Bitnomics website!